The SI information document was translated by students who volunteered to be part of the project. Please respect their work by crediting them if you use the translated information beyond these documents. If any mistranslations, spelling, or grammatical errors slipped through, kindly let us know to fix them.

Afrikaans (210 kB)
English (188 kB)
French (190 kB)
Ndebele (188 kB)
Northern-Sotho (187 kB)
Shona (191 kB)
South-Sotho (187 kB)
Swahili (191 kB)
Swati (190 kB)
Tsonga (188 kB)
Tswana (188 kB)
Venda (186 kB)
Xhosa (188 kB)
Zulu (188 kB)